Thursday, April 30, 2009

Charm my imagination

I have been working around the clock trying to get some pieces ready for an etsy art showcase. Here are some of the pieces I've listed today.

This is an altered journal/scrapbook that I have listed. When I was working on the moon I had become distracted by one of my daughters many little emergencies (this time was painting with her soap paint on the wall of our bathroom) and I had set the moon down, well when I did it started to unravel but I feel like it made it that much better! Inspiring the rest of the piece.

Im always looking for some sort of magical phrase when I scan through my vintage poetry books. I saw this verse and it inspired the rest of the piece. "I'll have the stars draw up a silver moon" Can't you just imagine this beautiful mermaid conspiring such ideas?

There are several other pieces I have also listed.


Little Lovables said...

I love those works, and what a lovely phrase! What book did it come from?

Little Lovables said...

I just googled it, is it Nero?

JupiterDesigns said...

Hello Little Lovables!
Thank you so much - The quote came from a book called "The Viking book of Poetry of the English speaking world" published in 1941. Unfortunately I have cut this book up so much that I can not find which poem this quote came from.