Saturday, May 9, 2009

baby doll

Last summer while I was visiting my grandmother in Arizona I found several bags FULL of vintage baby doll parts, most of them are hard plastic faces. I have saved a few for myself but can not use them all! I've listed them on etsy today for the price that I bought them at. I hope they will inspire some fun pieces!!

I also have some skeleton keys and other odds and ends I will be listing by Monday. It has been such a hectic week, just trying to make it through!

I hope everyone has a wonderful mothers day! Some vintage photos for you to use in your artwork (please do not use these on CD's or collage sheets, thank you!)


Anonymous said...

I love these any left?

JupiterDesigns said...

Yes! I have several of them left they are available at, I have duplicates of several of them that are not listed, I would be happy to create a custom order if needed! Thank you.

Anonymous said...
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