Monday, May 11, 2009

a "seacret" garden

I was going through my books today and came across my secret garden book. I read it so many times as a child, I was fascinated by it and would always fantasize about my own little secret garden, maybe someday I will be able to recreate my image of the garden. Until then! I was inspired to do a mermaid piece entitled "seacret" garden. I added every kind of millinery flower that I own and a beautiful antique skeleton key I had found over the weekend. In addition a small rhinestone encrusted vintage earring with a screw back which I thought fit perfectly.

I painted a metal frame (another vintage find!) with my favorite paint color and built up from there. I love to use tissue paper as ocean water or the ocean floor since it layers well and I can easily "stuff" little treasures into it.


Thimbleprims Studio said...

Oh, my gosh!! This is absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous. I love it! I, too, loved "The Secret Garden". And, "A Little Princess" by the same author. Top favorites. : )
Lots of hugs from,

Marie Reed said...

I just love the key element ! It makes the piece so special !

Anonymous said...
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OceanDreams said...

Wow, that is so beautiful and amazing, since I am definitely an Ocean Dreamer myself. So glad I found your blog! :)