Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hello, again...

Its been 8 months since my last post! 8 months! Obviously keeping up with a blog is a little more difficult than I had thought so kudos to all you ladies and gents out there who are able to do so! Unfortunately as my migraines endure my artwork suffers so new pieces have been few and far between. I did however manage to work on pieces for during the months of June, July and August which was a great experience.

Some of my newest pieces are Christmas ornaments, I decided this year to start early, or at least for me it is early! I always seem to wait until the last possible minute to work on them and then feel rushed to get them listed and sent out. Two of the first ornaments to make an appearance:

Merry Christmas in the ocean depths

Also, I finally listed a Marie Antoinette doll I had been working on for what seemed like, forever. Everything about her is hand stitched, body, gown, hair and her face painted with acrylics. She was given the royal treatment.

Below is my new business card, still working on the backside where my contact information is. Hopefully they will be done soon and sent off to the printers!

Well I do sincerely hope it is not another 8 months before we meet again. I had wished this to be a place I could explore new ideas, show new pieces, share techniques, exchange ideas... not gather dust. A little more effort on my part is necessary, I agree.

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Outstanding Stranger said...

Just wanted to stop in and say Hi...Sorry about your continuing Monster Headache's..Always love your art. Hang in there. Love and hugs, Diane